My Approach

My amazing clients love me for several reasons, but one of these trumps them all – they know they’ll always get high quality content. Content that gets shared, drives engagement, and boosts their search rankings.

I might make it seem easy, but creating such content doesn’t happen by chance or accident. It is the result of a strategic approach that I follow every single time I sit down to create content.

Here’s what happens when you order content from me:

Step One: Initial Research

I do the initial research to get an overview of the topic and understand readers’ (your audience’s) pain points, and what exactly readers are looking for.

Step Two: Outline

After the initial research, I then come up with an outline for your article. This step serves two purposes. It helps me save time and keep the article on-topic. It also gives you a chance to review the outline and confirm that it is in line with your expectations before we start writing your article.

If you provided an outline when making your order, I skip the first two steps and start with step 3.

Step Three: In-depth Research

Once you’ve approved the article outline, I then move into the in-depth research stage.

Here, I gather as much information as possible about the topic and review other top articles on the topic. The aim is to come up with content that is better than other top-performing articles on the topic.

Step 4: Actual Writing

This is where I get to do what I know best – weaving words together to come up awesome content that your readers will love.

Here are the ingredients that I expertly bring together to create that dope content:

  • A compelling intro: Because great content means little without a great intro to hook the reader.
  • Informative, valuable content: If it adds no value to readers, it doesn’t deserve a place in your article.
  • Engaging, conversational writing: Your readers want something fun to read, not boring pieces that lull them to sleep.
  • Short paragraphs: Research shows they are easier to read. That’s what you want, right?
  • Section sub headers: Of course, we don’t want to bore your readers to death with endless walls of text. Section sub-headers also make your content easier to skim through.
  • Active voice: It makes your content crisp, clear, and to the point.

Step Five: Visuals

Do you want pictures, charts, tables, screenshots and infographics in your article? I add them at this point, complete with a source URL and keyword optimized alt text.

Step Six: SEO Optimization

Great content has several benefits. One of these is boosting your search rankings.

Once I am done writing your article, I go through it to make sure everything is optimized for search. I make sure keywords are used properly, add internal and external links, ensure image alt tags are well-optimized, check that H1, H2, H3 headings are used properly, and so on.

Step Seven: Editing

I work with an editor who acts as sous chef, confirming the quality of articles before I deliver them to you. He proofreads the articles, ensures everything reads as it should and that the article is well formatted, and so on.

Only after my editor has confirmed that the article meets quality standards and is ready for publishing do I move to the final step.

Step Eight: Delivery

I finally deliver your amazing content to you as a Google Doc that is ready for publishing. If you need some extra help, I can even publish the content for you on your website. You just need to make a special request for this (at no extra fee).

Every time you order content from me, you’ll get the following:

  • Well-researched and well-written articles
  • 100% originality. Every piece of content we produce passes through CopyScape.
  • Content that is optimized for search
  • Great formatting for easy readability
  • Professional editing
  • Internal linking plus external links to authority websites
  • Content that is focused on user intent and Google EAT

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