DroidContent is your go-to site if you want professional, in-depth content for your website or blog. Our business is to help yours grow by providing concrete, engaging content that provides real VALUE for your audience.

We will help you:

Gain industry authority

I help you provide your audience with high quality, informative and insightful content about your industry, which in turn positions you as an EXPERT in your industry and helps you build authority and credibility for your business.

Build a stronger brand

The more content your business creates, the more visibility your brand gets, increasing your brand awareness and recognition. By providing your audience with value through great content, you also build customer trust and loyalty for your brand.

Get more leads

By providing free and valuable content, your website draws customers as they look for the best solutions to their problems. This increased traffic in turn leads to increased lead generation.

Our Services

In-depth blog posts

Long form, in-depth blog posts that remain relevant long after they are published are a proven technique for increasing organic traffic, user engagement and social shares. These are posts that are thoroughly researched, well written, backed by data and that provide genuine value and rewarding experience for readers.

Email Copywriting Services

Email marketing provides great opportunities for marketing your business and has one of the highest ROI. Email marketing also allows your business to create deep, meaningful relationships with your customers, all this at a minimal cost.

Ghostwriting Services

Do you need to create content under your name but don’t have the time to come up with the content yourself? Take advantage of my ghostwriting services, where I come up with amazing content and give you all the rights to the work. Get great content that demonstrates deep industry knowledge and put your name to it.

E-book Writing Services

eBooks are an effective marketing tool for businesses. They offer you the perfect opportunity to furnish your audience with detailed information about industry topics that you feel can be beneficial to them. eBooks also help you showcase your expertise in your field and can be used as lead magnets.

Case Study Writing Services

Case studies are a very valuable tool for attracting potential customers to your business. They provide social proof by showcasing other clients who used your product or service to solve their problem. Case studies also show real examples of your product in use, which makes them a great conversion tool.

Why work with us

Today, content marketing is more important than ever. If you want your customers to find your business on the internet, you need to engage in some form of content marketing. Yes, it’s even more important than SEO. Content marketing increases your brand visibility, lead generation, engagements and builds a community of loyal customers around your brand. . It is also more effective as a marketing tool compared traditional “hard sell” tactics.

You don’t want just anyone handling something that is so important for your business. You want to trust your content creation to people who have been in the business, people who know what works and what does not. Our team is comprised of professional content creators who talk, eat, sleep and dream content.

Our team has years of experience in the content creation industry, writing high quality blog posts, eBooks and emails for various clients. We keep ourselves abreast of all the latest trends and tactics in this field to ensure we deliver the absolute best for our clients.

We have content writers who are experienced in different industries, including but not limited to:

  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports

Before getting started on your project, our writers take the time to explore and understand your business and your products and/or services. This enables them to address your customers’ exact pain points and provide effective solutions, resulting in great content that your audience will love.

Actually, our job is not just to write. You can expect the following when you hire our services:

  • Great research to find new angles that will get your audience talking
  • Content that is optimized for search – don’t fret, no keyword stuffing!
  • Great formatting for easy readability
  • Optimized blog post titles
  • Timely delivery
  • Each piece of content passes through a professional editor to ensure it’s free of errors.

If you want to provide the best value for your customers through great content, shoot us an email at kev@droidcontent.com or use the button below to drop us a message.